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Owner Operator a modern sexual wellbeing store dedicated to empowering you to cultivate your own pleasure practice. 

  • Self Pleasure

    We firmly believe that knowing yourself intimately is the key to unlocking a more fulfilling life. Through our carefully curated selection of products, resources, and conversations, we encourage you to explore the vast realm of self-pleasure with curiosity and openness.

  • Shame

    We understand the stigma and shame that can be entwined with self-pleasure. At Owner Operator, we create safe and inclusive space where you can shed societal taboos and embrace your desires without judgment. We work tirelessly to dismantle the shame associated with sexual exploration and celebrate the freedom to discover pleasure on your own terms.

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    Your pleasure practice is unique, and we respect the importance of learning, setting and honouring personal boundaries. We provide guidance and support in navigating your comfort zones, expressing your desires and finding what works best for you. At Owner Operator, we encourage open conversations about consent, communication, and establishing healthy boundaries in all aspects of your intimate life.

  • Care

    Your well-being is paramount to us. We collaborate with sexologists, therapists, health practitioners, and industry leaders to ensure that we offer accurate, reliable, and caring information. We provide resources and guidance on self-care practices, sexual health, and overall well-being, ensuring that you can embark on your pleasure journey with confidence and mindfulness.

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About the Owner of Owner Operator.

Hi again, it's Tee here, below I delve a little deep into sharing and owning my own story.

Warning - the following topics are mentioned; child abuse, sexual assult, & addiction.

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I'm Tee (she/they), I’m a vulva owner and currently I identify with queer femme culture, language and dialogue. My sexuality is fluid and expanding and is also an extremely vulnerable and delicate aspect of me and my identity. I have a spicy neurodivergent mind, managing complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (cPTSD) as a result of childhood sexual abuse and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I’ve created Owner Operator as a safe space to learn and grow. A sensory safe haven for self & sexual exploration. A space to talk about the hard stuff that is clear and kind. An honest space that’s designed to be calming to the nervous system while allowing for self-inquiry. 

As a sexual abuse and assult survivor, my nervous system has been on hyper drive since well before I hit puberty. Now, as an adult, I am ferociously curious about my sexuality and my pleasure and am in a constant effort to self-regulate and stay in my body.

Not uncommonly, I came to learn from a young age that my body was not my own which seemed to form as a core belief that I was here, in this body, solely for the pleasure of others. Offfft, YUCK! Talk about EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!! As a result of this lesson, I learnt how to disassociate and disconnect my mind and body in order to keep myself safe. A practice I got damn good at.  

I’ve spent my life time trying to learn how to feel and unlearn these devastatingly damaging and sadly, common beliefs. An attempt to reprogram my mind and body to know that my body is my own. Let me tell you it’s been a WILD RIDE! Its been an ugly, messy, substance fuelled, addicitive, abusive, chaotic, dreamy, destructive, weepy and at moments blissful ride.

It can be so f*#king hard to love yourself and put yourself first – especially when people and companies dish out “self love and self care advice” like we haven't already been trying that! It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s frustrating and sometimes is feels impossible to soften, go gently and lean into the vulnerability of relaxing with ourselves, let alone with others. As I write this I can feel myself becoming emotional. These are BIG feels! Feelings for each of us to navigate and unpack in our own way and in our own time.

Cultivating your own practice, of self pleasure, as it relates to you and what feels good and right for you, is what Owner Operator is all about! Personally my practice is a mix of tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years and moulded into my very own; from workshops, lovers, to years of therapy sessions and late night wines shared with dear friends. It's far from perfect or complete, but it's mine and to be honest it's starting to feel really good.

I’m not here to tell you how to do you, that parts on you bb, but what I will do is curate collections of beautifully designed products, trauma informed resources, events and workshop, expressive art, heartfelt stories infused with wisdom and guidance, as well as access to professionals to help you on your way.

This site is designed for those yearning for more joy and open to exploring their own self pleasure. Legally it will be for those 18+ and aims to be visually gentle. I am creating a quietly erotic space that allows those of us with active minds and systems a calm moment to tap into our senses and connect with our desires (or at give it a red hot go!).

With love,

Tee xx


If you or someone you know needs support for trauma &/ sexual assault support, help is out there:

A loved one or confidant or perhaps even a Doctor (GP) can be a good place to start.

RESPECT - Australia wide services

Sexual Assault Crisis Line (1800 806 292)

Blue Knot - empowering recovery from complex trauma

Trauma Support Providers - A directory for survivors

Health Direct - Sexual Assault