Professional Sex Nerd Networking

Facilitated networking event where you can mingle with like-minded professionals.

What is a Professional Sex Nerd? 

We’re glad you asked! There are lots of people who work in the sex industry and there are even more people who work in ‘sex adjacent’ spaces. The sex industry includes sex toy store workers, strippers, full service sex workers, escorts, cam workers, erotic massage, and so much more! Sex adjacent work is any work that relates back to sex in some form or another. This could be anyone working in the sexual health space (e.g. sexual health nurses, abortion or contraception providers, gynaecologists, etc) but it could also include people who write policy documents or grant proposals relating to sexual health. It could be therapists who specialise in sexual relationships or physical therapists who specialise in pelvic floor. It could be someone who owns and runs a lubricant brand or it could be an academic focusing on fertility objects. Basically if your work relates to sex in some way and you enjoy nerding out about it, we consider you a Professional Sex Nerd!

I’m a professional sex nerd! Now what?

We’re gonna run some cool networking events for y’all! Each event will be:

2 hours long 

In person, in Brunswick (close to PT)

Facilitated (so don’t worry about having to make the first move)

We understand that working in the sex industry and sex adjacent spaces can be uniquely isolating. Not everyone gets what we do and we’re often presented with unique problems that other industries just don’t face. 

So the goal of each event is for you to build your professional network of like-minded sex nerds. We want your contact list to feature people you can talk to about the problems that only other professional sex nerds will understand. And who knows, maybe even come together to solve them!

Sounds grouse! How do I sign up?

We’re still in the early stages yet. But if you’re interested and think you’d enjoy an event like this, we’d love it if you could pop your email in below. That way we can send you an official invite for the first event once it’s ready! 

And please feel free to share this with any other professional sex nerds you know who you think might be interested.

And please feel free to share this with any other professional sex nerds you know who you think might be interested.