Are you looking to get rid of your old books? Maybe a bit embarrassed to drop two shelves of erotica down at the local church op-shop? Fear not, Owner Operator’s library has got you covered. 

What kinds of books will we accept? 

- Non-fiction sex-related books (e.g. Come As You Are, Married Love, The Sex Ed You Never Had, etc) 

- Old Mills & Boon type novels with plenty of spice

- Vintage porn magazines 

- Books by professional sex nerds (e.g. Alfred Kinsey, Nancy Friday, Emily Nagoski, etc)

- Sex and health education books for children and young adults (e.g. Welcome to your period)

- That spicy #BookTok read you just finished

- Any books by or about sex workers (including strippers, porn workers, etc) 

Please make sure your donations are not missing any pages or their covers - remember, they need to be readable. 

What happens to my donations?

We’re so glad you asked! 

At Owner Operator, we believe everyone deserves access to information about their body, sex and pleasure. So we’re creating and curating a library of sex related reading material. 

Your donation will be catalogued and added to our collection so people who might not otherwise have had access to this kind of information (or titillation) can now enjoy it.

Where can I donate my books?

You can deliver your donations to 1 Tripovich St, Brunswick, 3056, VICTORIA

If you’re not a Brunswick local, you can mail your donation to us. 

If you have a particularly large donation you think we might be interested in, that is outside of Brunswick, please feel free to contact us at

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