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Emily Nagoski

Come Together

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Come Together by Emily Nagoski. The Science (and Art) of Creating Lasting Sexual Connections.

Publishing date: 25 Jan 2024.

The long-awaited follow-up to New York Times bestseller Come As You Are by a leading voice in sexual wellness. What does it really take to create lasting sexual connections in long-term relationships? Most couples struggle at some point to maintain their sexual connection. But a lot of the advice we are given on sex is either not very good or steeped in cultural assumptions and expectations that can end up hurting us. In Come Together, leading sexual wellness educator, Dr Emily Nagoski, takes on one of the most misunderstood subjects of all time - good sex - and shows us that most of what we've been taught about enjoying sex is wrong. Featuring inclusive stories and examples from a wide range of couples and individuals, you'll find out what great sex really looks like and the best way to overcome obstacles - including relationship conflicts, gendered beliefs about how sex 'should be' and body image worries.With insight, humour and empathy, Come Together will radically transform the way you approach sex and desire, and empower you to create long-term, fulfilling sexual connections.