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Mindfulness Ritual Candle Set

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Often, our minds wander - dreaming, reflecting, worrying. This can put the brakes on pleasure for many of us. Mindfulness practices can help to bring us back to the present moment, giving us the tools we need to be less stressed, feel more and stay curious. 

This Mindfulness Ritual set is a beautiful addition to your pleasure practice. The 20-minute candles can help to focus your attention to enhance your self practice. 

This Ritual set includes:
• 5 x hand-dipped Haze candles (burn time 20 minutes each)
• Solid brass candle stand, handmade in Japan
• A brief introduction to Mindfulness with a step-by-step guide to get started
• Gift box



Haze candles are handmade in Japan from botanical sumac wax, a 100% plant-based wax made from the berries of the Japanese sumac tree. Scent free.

Made by Candle Kiosk