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Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

The New Topping Book

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Tens of thousands learned the emotional and ethical skills of BDSM topping from the first Topping Book. Now, in addition to the sage advice and good humor that made the first edition a classic, the authors tackle some of the issues that have come up for tops in the last six years: on-line domination, the challenges and rewards of 'lifestyle' relationships, ensuring our own and our partners' safety, and more.

About the Authors 
Dossie Eastone is a licensed marriage, family and child counsellor specialising in people with alternative sexualities. A lesbian switchable bottom, she has been active in the S/M scene since the early 1970s. Janet W. Hardy (aka Catherine A. Liszt), a bisexual switch, is a writer, teacher and publisher. Together they have authored six books, including the highly acclaimed The Ethical Slut and When Someone You Love Is Kinky, and led many workshops and demonstrations